American sculptor Robert Berks has created more than three hundred portraits in bronze and more than a dozen monuments.

His public works cover a broad cross-section of human acheivment, science government and politics, art and entertainment, labor and industry; humanitarianism. Berk's monuments range from the eight-foot head of John F. Kennedy in Washington's Kennedy Center to the 24-foot homage to carolus Linnaeus, father of modern botany. Other monuments include Supreme Court Justice Louis D. Brandeis; American theologian and social philospher Reinhold Niebuhr; the Mary McLeod Bethune Emancipation Memorial in Washington's Lincoln Park; the 24-foot Einstein Centennial Monument on the grounds of the National Academy of Sciences; and, most recently, the 12 foot Einstein Millennial Monument commissioned for the Albert Einstein Sciences Garden at the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities in Jerusalem. A second bronze cast of this monument is part of the Einstein exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History in
New York.

This is the official website of Robert Berks featuring his public collections, a photograhic gallery, several videos narrated by Robert Berks, and a shopping cart featuring a choice selection of his work.

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